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Once you have created a login you just have to login via Twitter or directly to access Storify.If you are logged in you can click on your login name to access your profile and to view or edit your Storifys. When you login you can view your profile and view the Storifys you have already created.So, to support my colleagues I have been putting together a “How To” guide for Storify that includes a number of it’s quirks and issues and I thought I would share it here for others to use, add to, comment on etc.

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This order works well for telling a story with a clear timeline – a beginning and an end.

The final link on the editing bar provides the option to see a “Collapsed view�, a way to view just the outline of the contents.

Public Storifys show up in your profile no matter who is looking at it (whether they are logged in or not), Private Storifys only show up for you when you are logged in.

For instance in the Palimpsest Project profile there is one Public Storify on the project, and one Private Storify called “Getting Started� – this is an example that Storify creates for you when you first set up a login, and it gives an idea of how to add new content to your own Storifys.

You can log in to Storify using some other accounts.