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There are all kinds of unwritten rules we adhere to in order to not run each other over.The Asperger car is the one on cruise control at exactly the speed limit.People with Asperger’s have an intense need to do the right thing the right way. There are a million different ways people with Asperger’s inadvertently isolate themselves from the world of friendship, but suffice it to say that while people with Asperger’s have lots of depression and lots of anxiety, you’ll rarely hear them say they need more friends. The problem is that in adult life your one friend has to be your spouse.

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It gave me a key advantage in my career that separated me from the typical career paths of unemployable people with Asperger’s.

When people say to me, “I have someone in my life who has Asperger’s. ” my first thought, no matter what age they are, is that the person with Asperger’s needs to understand that they need a life partner and they need a job. It doesn’t matter if you make enough money to live on your own.

This is the type of job that is perfect for someone with Asperger’s.

The reason we stop doing these jobs is because we’re ashamed of having such a high IQ and enjoy doing jobs that don’t require high IQ.

People with Asperger’s understand the theoretical need for a date for the prom. They understand the concept of everyone has a house and kids and they don’t, but they don’t understand the leap you make to get there – you have to actually want to be close to one person. A lot of people with Asperger’s who are married sleep in separate beds or have sex with minimal physical contact but you need to find the thing that’s going to work for you so you can have that one intimate relationship. If you have a high IQ and low social skills it means you’re generally right and you generally don’t notice when you’re wrong.