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select 0, null, all_updates.* from all_updates, customer_partitioned where all_= customer_and all_updates.signup customer_partitioned.signup ) sub on customer_= sub.match_key when matched and delete_flag=1 then delete when matched and delete_flag=0 then update set email=sub.email, state=sub.state when not matched then insert values(sub.id, sub.name, sub.email, sub.state, sub.signup); process, the managed table and source table are synchronized even though records needed to change partitions.

Best of all, this was done in a single operation with full atomicity and isolation.

Patient-specific modifiers, comorbidities, and issues of patient preference that may influence the choice of tests or therapies are considered.

When available, information from studies on cost is considered, but data on efficacy and outcomes constitute the primary basis for the recommendations contained herein.

This needs to be updated somehow so that ID 2 is removed from partition 2017-01-08 and added to 2017-01-10.